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With the new Concierge Massage gift card, you're not only giving the gift of massage, you're giving the gift of an entire relaxing experience. And now our gift cards are available in any denomination you wish. As a Concierge Massage member you'll have the first opportunity to purchase as many of our new gift cards as you'd like-making gift giving easier than ever this year.  New gift cards allow you to customize our Concierge Massage gift amount, allowing the recipient the freedom to use it towards anything they wish, including massages, gratuity and even retail items. Imagine how enjoyable the holidays will be this year for your friends and family.

You are our best source of referrals.  To show our appreciation, when you introduce a new member to your Concierge Massage home clinic in the first 30 days of your membership, you'll receive a one-hour complimentary massage session to be used at your home clinic.  After your first month of membership, you are eligible to receive a complimentary half-hour upgrade for each additional member enrollment at your home clinic.
**Void where prohibited by state law.

Members who purchase a Paid In Full membership have access to all of their membership massages immediately upon payment in full.  These membership massages can be used anytime as long as the membership is current and active.

Clinic Associates can help you set up an account to pay for additional services, retail items, gift cards or gratuity upon your request.  No need to worry about carrying cash or credit cards again.

We do make some special considerations for those guests under the age of 18.  Guests age 15 to 17 years old must present written parental / guardian permission prior to a massage session and must be scheduled with a same gender therapist.  Guests age 14 years old and under are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times and must be scheduled with a same gender therapist.

There may be times when you would like to freeze your membership due to extenuating circumstances, such as extended illness, military leave or temporary relocation.  When a membership is frozen, a member may not use his/her membership benefits or accrued membership massages for the duration of the freeze period.  A minimum of one membership payment must have been made before a membership is eligible to be frozen.  You may freeze your membership for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of half of your original membership term.  Memberships may be unfrozen at any time at least 30 days after the start of the freeze or will automatically recommence on the pre-determined freeze end date.  At the end of the membership freeze term, your dues will continue with your next scheduled electronic funds transfer date.  Your membership expiration date will be extended by the amount of time that your membership was frozen.  Terms, conditions, rules and regulations of the original Membership Agreement continue to apply through the extended membership term.

  • A 1-hour session consists of a 60-minute massage/facial and time for consultation and dressing.
  • Members are required, per the Membership Agreement, to notify the clinic in writing of any change in credit card or account information on file prior to the next electronic funds transfer (EFT) date. Payment Authorization Forms are available at the front desk from an associate. Members are also required, per the Membership Agreement, to notify the clinic in writing of any change of address.
  • You have the entire length of your membership to use your membership services as long as your account is not frozen and in good standing. Any unused services will expire should you elect to cancel or not to renew your membership.
  • Concierge Massage memberships are non-transferable.
  • Membership offerings are auto-renewable. At the end of the initial term of membership, your monthly dues will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis unless you have elected otherwise on the Membership agreement.
  • A Family Add-On membership is defined as any immediate family member who resides in the same household. Picture ID or another form of identification is required upon enrollment in a Family Add-On offering to ensure the primary and add-on member reside in the same household.  The Family Add-on Membership must reside in the same clinic as the primary membership.
  • Concierge Massage is not responsible for lost or stolen articles or items.
  • Concierge Massage reserves the right to change clinic rules, regulations, and pricing at any time upon providing reasonable notice.
  • You agree to follow clinic rules and regulations. We have the right to refuse or discontinue service for any reason.
  • This policy will not supersede any state or local regulations regarding the provision of massage and esthetic services to minors. It is the responsibility of the franchisee to understand and communicate, to all clinic employees, any state or city regulations regarding the provision of massage and esthetic services to minors.
  • Concierge Massage does not provide massage services to minors under the age of eight (8).
  • Concierge Massage does not provide facial services to minors under the age of twelve (12), unless the parent or guardian provides a physician's note documenting the need for service. A copy of that note shall be kept in the minor's file. It is the responsibility of the esthetician to determine the appropriate facial protocol for the minor keeping in mind the strength of the Murad products used.
  • A parent/guardian of any child under 18 must provide written permission via the Concierge Massage Minor Parental Permission Form prior to the minor receiving either a massage or facial service. The form must be signed and dated by the parent/guardian in the presence of a Concierge Massage member, and the staff member observing the completion of the form must also sign and date the form.
  • Children ages 8-14 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times while in the clinic. The parent/guardian must either be seated in the room throughout the entire service session while the minor is receiving his/her service or receiving a service in the same room (in the Couple's Room).
  • Concierge Massage highly recommends that minors be scheduled with the same gender therapist; however, a parent/guardian may request a female therapist for a male minor through written approval via the Minor Parental Permission Form. A female minor may not receive a massage from a male therapist even if the parent requests it. Again, this form must be signed and dated by the parent/guardian in the presence of a Concierge Massage staff member.